Termites can attack wooden tiles or polls, if not treated at the onset. Creaking noises on floors, wood grain and long tubes of mud built along the ground are the most common signs of a termite infestation in your home. Termite hills and holes that you may spot in your compound may also be a sign. We have the expertise to solve all emanating and related problems associated with subterranean termites.
Our services go beyond structures; we are able to identify possible threats at your premise. To save you costly repairs in the future, we advice that new structure should be treated before the foundations a placed.


Pre construction treatment

It involves chemical application on the foundation and is at the initial stages of construction. We strongly advise clients to adopt this preventative measure in the treatment of subterranean termites.


post contruction termite treament

Post construction treatment

Post-construction treatment – This is performed on request as a treatment against Termite infestation on a building. Termiticide is injected into holes that are drilled using special tools through the slab at the base of the building wall along the perimeter from inside and outside creating a impermeable chemical barrier.