Our residential and commercial services follow an orderly, timely and professional approach to cleaning. We have cleaning solutions to all your dirt problems. A combination of high quality and biodegradable detergents ensure that our business is conducted effectively and in an environmentally sound manner.



We clean your carpets using water vapour technology machines. Our services will leave your carpets sparkling clean with no damp smell. Soft furnishings are handled with care and cleaned in detail using soft material and brushes. Our washing shampoos are non-bleach, ensuring that colours of the fabric remain as dazzling as ever.


We have the personnel and resources to manage, maintain and clean commercial premises nationally. We have the capacity ensure a presentable business environment by cleaning shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, warehouses and other public areas within your premises. We use modern and efficient machinery in the process, our well trained staff and competent supervisors will deliver exemplary cleaning outcomes.

Our choice of detergents and disinfectants are not just of high quality and performance, they are also biodegradable, meaning that they do not pollute the environment. We clean windows without leaving stains, high walls and surfaces and other areas that accumulate dust.

Office Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Shopping Mall
Health Centres